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Quick translation and legalization services of the documents you need to, achieve your goals.

ValMon is a licensed translation agency focused on the translation and legalization services of documents from and to 30 languages.


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Written translation services, oral translation services, legalization services, and verification of documents – our team of professionals will review your order and confirm if you really need legalization (Apostille verification) and, if so, what the requirements are for the preparation of the document. We work fast, being aware of the responsibility we have to our clients, and we are available for you seven days a week.

Written translations of documents from and into over 30 languages.

Written Translation Services

Professional translations are done by translators – specialized in the respective field. We know how important it is for you to receive a quality translation.

Pismeni prevodi
Ustni prevodi

Russian language, English language, Italian language, Polish language, Greek language, French language.

Oral Translations

Consecutive and simultaneous translation in the Russian, English, Italian, French, Polish, and Greek languages by experienced translators. To make your events and business negotiations successful.

Certifications in all ministries, institutions, and consular offices (Apostille verification).

Legalization of Bulgarian documents

Quick legalization of Bulgarian documents (Apostille verification), following all the administrative requirements, ensures you will achieve your goal successfully, without bureaucratic hindrances.

Prevod i legalizacia
Zaverka chijdi docimenti

Legalization of documents issued by a foreign country (notarized).

Certification of foreign documents

Documents issued by the authorities of a foreign country party to the Hague Convention must be issued with an Apostille. After that, a translation into Bulgarian must be made by an authorized translation agency from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and certified by a Notary.

Experienced team with excellent translators

Why choose us ?

ValMon Translation and Legalization Services Agency were founded recently, but it was created by an experienced team of excellent translators.

We are responsible, quick, and engaged especially with your order. When you come to us, our first goal is to make sure you receive the service you are looking for. That is why we offer free consultations and assistance in the preparation of documents for legalization.  

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We translate from over 30 languages

We translate medical, legal, municipal, education, and business documents from over 30 languages. We work with certified translators from all over the country and we guarantee that your order will be fulfilled as carefully and quickly as possible.














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Send us your order – select a service and the language you would like your document to be translated into, and tell us if you would like legalization and verification. Within the working day, we will send you instructions and we will inform you if you really need legalization, we will tell you the price, and the term of fulfilling the order.


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