Oral Translations

What oral translations do we offer?

Our team currently offers oral translations from and into Russian, English, Italian, French, Polish, and Greek languages. The service is valid only for Burgas.

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What oral translations do we offer?

  • Consecutive translation – the speaker makes pauses that allow the translator to translate what he/she has said.
  • Simultaneous translation – the translator does not interrupt the speaker and makes a simultaneous translation of what he/she says. This can be real-tome ‘in-ear’ translation if it is for one or two people or with the appropriate equipment – headphones and a microphone – made for bigger auditoriums.

The translators specialized in oral translations ValMon works with having all the necessary ‘soft skills’ to make sure your events will be brilliant:

When are we useful for oral translations?

  • Business negotiations, intercompany events, installment of equipment, notarized translations.
  • Conferences, festivals, training, seminars, presentations.

How much is an oral translation and how can I order a translator?

Call us on the phone or send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • the language of the required translation;
  • the field of translation;
  • the period of time you need a translation for.

We will send you an offer and further directions within the working day.

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