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We translate documents from and into 30 languages

We translate documents from and into 30 languages. The certified translators in our team are specialized in different fields – we provide a prompt and quality translation of all types of documents:

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Certified translations are done by certified translators and printed on letterhead with a signature and seal. In some cases, it is enough to have a certified translation of documents, and you do not need legalization.


How to make a maximum fast order?

Make sure that you do not waste time when you need a translation of a document:

  1. Take a picture and additional information about the language you need to translate and if you need legalization.
  2. We will take a look at your document and inform you if you really need legalization, and if you do, if all the requirements for its preparation are met.
  3. Our translator fulfills the order within the preliminary agreed term. If the documents do not need legalization (Apostille verification), we scan them and send them to you.

Send us a photograph of the documents which need translation, and you will receive information about the term; they will be ready within the working day.

Certainly, you can visit us in the office and have an on-site consultation with our employees. We are situated in the center of Burgas, at a convenient and communicative place.

You are welcome seven days a week.

Languages we translate from and into

How much is the translation of the documents?

Please, call us or send an inquiry (you can send us directly a photograph of the document) to send you a price and term of fulfillment of the order.

  • We translate a variety of documents in many fields, which is our way to give you the correct price.
  • The final amount is specified based on a standard translation page of 1800 symbols.

Learn more about the ‘document legalization’ service, how documents have to be prepared, when this service is not required, and how we can help you.

If you have any questions, contact us or send us a photograph of your documents for translation.

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